Gemma loves losing herself in nature, and it is one of her favorite sources of inspiration for her work.                      
Her affable and humble nature also reflects in her work and makes her work a joy to behold.                      
In her work you will be able to clearly see magical moments, where people are vulnerable,                      
emotional and exposed. She captures feelings and the very souls of the people who                       
become a part of her work, and her skills must be lauded for making these poignant                       
moments stand out even in two dimensional photographs.                      

People and nature are her favorite subjects, and often find a place in her photographs.                      
Gemma Sagarra is a rare photographer and her speaks volumes about her unique vision.                      
The work she has done so far has helped her set herself apart in her field,                      
and this is a phenomenon that will in all likelihood continue for years to come.