LimitEDitions Wmns

Reportaje fotográfico de la famosa tienda LimitEDitions. En este caso, la primera tienda Women en el Born de Barcelona. 06.03.15

África Junio-Julio 2001

La réflex de mi padre también me acompañó en mi segundo gran viaje; desde South Africa, pasando por Botswana, Zimbabwe hasta llegar a Zambia, donde a finales de Junio de 2001 se organizó un evento para disfrutar del eclipse de Sol Total (Solipse 2001).
Utilicé carretes de diapositivas y de color.

Fin de Año 2000

Para fin de año del 2000, nos fuimos con unos amigos a  Marruecos. Era el primer viaje que llevaba la réflex de mi padre. Visitamos  Marrakesh, el Atlas Marroquí,Ouarzazate, Essaouira y Chefchaouen,
Utilicé carretes de blanco y negro, color y diapositivas.

Making Of


Realizamos la fotografía “La réflex de mi padre” en el estudio de casa. 
Con la colaboración de Christian Borau

La réflex de mi padre

Este equipo fotográfico fue una herencia de mi padre.
No recuerdo muy bien en que año empecé a practicar con ella, pero sin duda fue el empujón definitivo para conocer el mundo de la fotografía.
Mi padre, Jaume Sagarra, era un hombre divertido, muy amigo de sus amigos, deportista y muy currante. Así lo recuerdo. El se compró este equipo fotográfico para empezar a practicar.
Con estos objetos he querido inmortalizar una parte de él, incluyendo la cámara super8, una pelota de golf y palillos de dientes.
Va per tu, Papa.

Gemma Sagarra – Photographer

Capturing your essence in nature – Gemma Sagarra

Photography is a way of self expression that tells about your views and perspectives unlike any other form of art. The conditions that you find yourself the most in when clicking a photograph explain your personality in a way that even you might not have realized. It is the sum of all your experiences, your hopes, your dreams and all of your fears. Your experiences change you and make you a slightly different person every day that you are alive. The gradual changes can be easily traced when you are a photographer who is never without his camera. The joy in your heart is reflected in the pictures you take, and so does its misery. Gemma Sagarra is a photographer who understands this quite well and uses photography to portray her emotions. Simplicity and purity are her favorite themes in her work, and she has been playing with the camera for quite some time now.

Portraying your experience through someone else’s face

A photographer is never part of the picture he paints for the world to see. He creates magic with his creativity and understanding of perspective, and yet he is the one person who is left out of this magical portrait of a moment that has been preserved for all eternity. And yet the artist is always present in his photos, if not physically, then at least in spirit. The photograph they capture is but proof of their vision and a testament to their skills at identifying the perfect moment and saving it for the future where it could bring joy to others who missed it or long for it in a wistful and almost nostalgic way. Gemma experiments with her work a lot and yet has held true to her reasons for becoming a photographer. To capture the very essence of her life, her experiences, and her being was the driving force behind her becoming a photographer, and in her work you can easily see the simple truths of her life. The joy that she takes in her work is evident in her photographs, and the way she sees and understands the world is reflected in these pictures.

The life of Gemma Sagarra

Born on the 5th of February in 1974, Gemma Sagarra was perhaps destined to be a photographer. The town of Barcelona where she was born in is famous for its support of artists, and she got to grow up surrounded by people with exceptional talents and skills. The effects of vivid visual imagery always fascinated her, and for this reason, before she became a full time photographer, Gemma Sagarra worked for several advertising agencies. The experiences with these agencies also helped her start a business of her own, and she opened an audio visual company shortly after leaving her job as an advertising professional. Her company provided corporate events with the audio and visual setup that they needed. A skilled photographer and talented artist, Gemma Sagarra is also a design expert. She completed her education at the School of Design Barcelone Elisava, following which she worked in advertising briefly before finally heeding her true calling and becoming a professional photographer.

Taking inspiration from nature

Gemma loves losing herself in nature, and it is one of her favorite sources of inspiration for her work. Her affable and humble nature also reflects in her work and makes her work a joy to behold. At the time that she is not busy photographing the things that stand out to her, she works for Artevity as a Content Director. In her work you will be able to clearly see magical moments, where people are vulnerable, emotional and exposed. She captures feelings and the very souls of the people who become a part of her work, and her skills must be lauded for making these poignant moments stand out even in two dimensional photographs. People and nature are her favorite subjects, and often find a place in her photographs. Gemma Sagarra is a rare photographer and her speaks volumes about her unique vision. The work she has done so far has helped her set herself apart in her field, and this is a phenomenon that will in all likelihood continue for years to come.